CCTV & Security


Most Comprehensive Security System To Keep You Relaxed!

At Global Compare, your security is our concern, and we take it seriously. We have the most strategic security solutions you can rely on. With a wide range of high-tech CCTV, remote-controlled devices, and gadgets, we make sure your security is at your hand. Therefore, we ensure excellence at every step from the installation phase to help you take full control. 

With sophisticated home security automation, we ensure your peace of mind. However, we specialise in the most advanced security devices that keep your property safe from any unwanted situation. Whether you need an intruder alarm installed or want a dashboard with full functionality, we got it covered. Our SMART technology successfully integrates your security portals to the internet and allows hassle-free access 24/7. So, you can do your duties uninterrupted or worry about the security breach at your home. Besides, we have the arrangements to detect any heat, carbon monoxide, and smoke to prevent accidents.