Central Spine Staircase


The modern central staircase NYC has a metal stringer, solid wood treads, and a frameless glass balustrade. We fasten the stairs to the wall using side-fixing bolts. Our designers create contemporary folding stairs with only a few basic lines. It makes this staircase design the ideal addition to any modern home or commercial building. After fabricating them from mild steel, the manufacturing crew folds the stairs into place for easy delivery and installations. You can even choose to expose the mild steel for better aesthetics. Also, we only use toughened, laminated glass to meet the highest safety standards.

We can combine a range of materials into the design of the staircase. The wood treads alongside a glass balustrade help to provide a modern aesthetic. Our expertise has allowed us to manufacture products that last while also meeting the highest design and manufacturing standards. Depending on your preferences, we can build the staircase as a free-standing structure or attach it to the side walls.


Stylish Spine Central Staircase With Flat Steel Balustrade

We also specialize in designing high-quality stairway staircases with flat steel balusters. Beyond quality, the design meets all industry standards in terms of safety and specification. Our engineers guarantee the constructional and sculptural quality of this design because of the steel balustrade stringers. Because of their high demand, our stylish centre-spine staircase with flat steel balustrade is always in stock. We particularly use this design to fulfill all specifications for commercial buildings with requirements for close risers. But they are also gaining popularity in private New York residences.

We can use any finish with this central staircase NYC style, because of the engineering that goes into the design and construction. You can choose to cover it with any kind of wood, carpet, runner, or tile. Some homeowners can even opt to put resin on the top of the stairs to match their flooring or kitchen counter. We design the steel balustrade stringers using very advanced 3D building software. It is the steel balustrade that provides a framework and load-bearing support for the treads and risers. Skilled engineers manufacture and install these cutting-edge components with extreme precision, utilizing the most advanced manufacturing technologies.

High-quality Products

We expertly design, create, and install top-quality staircases that exude a true sense of elegance, richness, and refinement. Our engineers achieve this quality using premium woods, metals, and glass. We take great pleasure in our products and services, so we give every project our undivided attention.


We create the most exquisite stairway to fit your space, increase appeal, and provide users with convenience. Homeowners can tailor the stairs to their specific demands and lifestyles in terms of function and aesthetics. Our engineers create staircases using architectural drawings and your own designs. We can also design one for you using 3D CAD software.

Excellent Craftsmanship

Our skilled craftsmen create the greatest custom staircases in New York. Due to our extensive expertise, the builders are aware of what is necessary to complete the task successfully. We build every step with great care and skill, making sure that every project is of the highest quality.

Eco Friendly

Designing sustainably means minimizing your impact on the environment as well as giving back to it. We build our staircases with materials that are safe for the environment and come from reliable suppliers. We provide stairs made of natural materials, including various kinds of wood, various types of glass, resins, and even stones.

Exquisite Floating Central Staircase

The modernist complement to any New York home or business premises is the floating central staircase. Our floating staircase design is perfect for contemporary houses and will improve the aesthetic appeal of the building. The floating staircase’s design conceals the supporting framework to create the illusion that the stairs are floating in midair. Additionally, the property’s outstanding appearance can increase its worth on many levels. We can customize the centre staircase NYC with a variety of materials and appearances. If you have enough room in the center of your house, we strongly recommend that you install one. You can customize the staircase by using any material, including wood, corian, and stones.

Some people can even alter the appearance by incorporating glass, cable, or even railings to make it more functional for them. However, a glass design makes it easier to see the floating design. The design of the floating stairs provides a distinctive, structurally solid solution in addition to their extremely appealing design. We create stylish, custom-made floating staircases for both indoor and outdoor applications. With the help of our custom centre staircase design service, your NYC home can become an architectural masterpiece.