Circular Stairs


Circular stairs in New York give unlimited flexibility due to the well-defined access points. They can seamlessly fit in lighter spaces. There are classic elements that can add sophistication to your home. Devoid of the ordinary central post, the stairs move upwards to resemble a spiral shape. They give the impression that you are moving into a medieval castle with unending steps ahead. Circular ones offer a great curve compared to spiral staircases, giving you more room for navigation. But will incur higher costs as you expand your space.

We construct a circular staircase design that you can keep tucked in one side of your home as you efficiently save space. With this design, you can arrange it in a way that helps make the most of your office or home. They can fit in tight spaces, unlike the traditional staircases, and one can maneuver different access points. Our customization services are also befitting. We have your back if you want unique stair frames, spindles, or steps. The customization services you select can include wood steps or handrails, among others.


Modern Circular Staircase NYC with LED Lighting

We understand that the secret to making your home cozy is to include modern and luxurious elements. Integration of LED lights on the circular staircases brings a touch of uniqueness and class to your environment. With the LED lights, customization options are limitless. You can select from a variety of chromatic variations that decorate the steps in an elegant yet minimalist design. With the lights, your small circular stairs become more than a transit area but a distinctive characteristic element in your home.

To ensure safety, we comply with stipulated building rules in NYC. Our experts designs the small metal spiral staircase with an open and closed riser. In addition, we only integrate superior lighting fixtures that illuminate your steps and prevent falling or tripping at night. Our intelligent positioning of the lights on the minecraft circular stairs guides you down and up the steps. The lights also highlight a secure path for you. If you are looking for a lighting solution that offers the best aesthetics and safety for your steps, consider the LED light options.

We offer high-quality stairwell lighting services in NYC. Our top priority is adding curb appeal and visual elegance to your metal circular staircases. You can select from different colors to conveniently switch your mood using the other shades. Be proactive in choosing the best temperatures that blend with existing colors and interior materials. Our designers maintain quality and style for your circular staircase design. We will design and manufacture customized products that are satisfactory. Our top-tier craftsmanship and innovative technology help transform your ideas into reality.


Our team puts your ideas and needs as a centerpiece in your project. Our engineers, architectures, and designers work tirelessly to ensure you have your desired staircase. Our on-time delivery and exemplary services guarantee 100% satisfaction in any project. Speak to our design experts and discuss your needs, and we will recommend modern designs that complement your style.

Wide Collection

We have a wide array of product collections to ensure you have a superior circular staircase. Our finish options, unique wood species, and ornate spindles are unrivaled in the market. You can achieve a flawless design and incorporate a futuristic design in your home or office. If you require outdoor circular stairs, we got your back.

Superior Quality

We adhere to the strictest quality requirements in all our circular stairs NYC. Our engineering staff adheres to all safety measures, and all our products are environment-friendly and sourced from the best superiors. The materials we use are robust, durable, and stylish. Ensuring you have high-quality indoor and exterior circular stairs is our number one priority.

Eco Friendly

The materials we use for our circular stairs are eco-friendly. We incorporate natural materials such as resins, stones, natural wood, or glass. We aim to achieve zero carbon footprint in all our processes and products. By ensuring sustainability, we conserve our environment for future generations. Also, we use recycled and recyclable materials to drive sustainability.

Steel Circular Staircases with Obscured Steel Stringer

Steel stair stringers offer high durability and strength. The material is the best for areas with high traffic or receiving large weight loads. It is possible to shape the material into various forms, allowing seamless customization of the circular staircases. Our designers create superior and world-class stairs in NYC using steel stringers.

The steel stringers necessitate minimal maintenance, whether you install them indoors or outdoors. They can resist extreme weather and offer added safety in your home. Our designers can provide different styles, designs, and materials for the railings depending on your needs. With our steel stringer stairs designs, your home has minimal structural concerns.