City/Courtyard Gardens


Courtyard gardens are confined by the walls around with one opening towards the street. Usually, the garden is surrounded by houses and not more than a few square metres. Most of the courtyard gardens stay between the garage and the house or in a confined area close to the fence. However, the size of the city garden depends on the size of the property and the more spacious the house is, the garden tends to be larger. 


  • Protects from extreme weather (e.g. strong wind)
  • Gives the property a refined view
  • Reduces noise
  • Ensures privacy


  • May result in poor ventilation
  • Can affect other sensitive plants on the premises
  • Often lead to heat buildup resulting in warmer condition
  • May obstruct natural light

Coastal gardens feature some exotic plants that survive well in harsh conditions. Since coastal areas are warmer and dry, you cannot grow whatever you want in the garden. Besides, the salty weather, strong winds, and extended heat affect the gardening traits significantly. From a range of specific flora, you have to choose that fits your property style and your choices. 


  • Easy maintenance
  • Provides shade and shelter
  • Offers great views


  • Cannot grow the plants of your choice except for dry-loving ones


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