Contemporary Kitchen


Contemporary houses deserve contemporary kitchens. With a sleek design and minimalistic yet purposeful layout, you cannot just get past it without noticing the elegance it entails. The kitchen looks gorgeous with contrasting white countertops, mostly characterised by wooden cabinetry. And there are those sparkling appliances well-organised at convenient places. 

Unlike traditional kitchens, contemporary kitchens include advanced materials like plastic, acrylic, glass, plywood, and so on. Seamless in fitting, the whole setup highlights sophistication and a sense of refined taste throughout. 


  • Frameless cabinets with minimalist hardware
  • Horizontal lift door styles
  • Glass panels in frosted styles
  • Incorporates geometrical shapes, angles, and lines
  • Smooth surfaces with laminated white colour
  • Smart lighting with adjustable pattern
  • Utensils and equipment made with stainless steel, chrome, or copper
  • Distinguished curves in the cabinetry
  • Textured woods often resembling maple, ash, or birch