Floating Staircase


We manufacture our floating staircases New Yorkwith high-quality architectural glass, and they blend with any décor and area. It is the best option for an architectural staircase. This elegant work of art is a wonderful way to spruce up and beautify any space. We provide special specs for certain applications. For instance, our engineers will use laminated safety glass for commercial settings. while they use toughened glass for private homes and villas. Homeowners or building contractors may customize the modern floating staircase to make it as unique as they like. We offer several glass colors or thicknesses, and you have a variety of materials to pick from for the handrail.

The floating stringer are both attractive and functional. The engineering-intensive design and construction of the featured glass balustrade serves a crucial structural component for the staircase. Our engineers can design a stainless steel handrail and attach it to the glass or a frameless balustrade. This addition will improve the comfort of ascending and descending the steps. This layout makes the place feel airier and lets in more natural light. As a result, your home will have increased air movement, which will help you save money on heating and cooling. At Global Compare, we create unique glass staircases that are ideal for any area. Let us help you make your next project stand out.


Floating Staircases New York With Glass and Stainless Steel Balustrades

The mix of glass and stainless steel balustrades is an alternative to the glass floating stairs. The floating staircases New York design complements the stainless steel balustrade, giving the entire staircase a unique and sturdy appeal. The design of the floating stairs creates the impression that you are floating in the open air as you ascend and descend. Additionally, we support the glass treads with stainless steel wires suspended from the ceiling to create a premium, attractive look. Our engineers can tailor this design to fit any home or commercial establishment. We also offer distinctive floating wood stairs that draw the attention of anyone in the building.

Transparency is not a factor to worry about due to the stainless steel. Our engineers can include a source of illumination to create a stunning floating staircase in your NYC home. The components for stainless steel stairways come in a variety of grades and finishes. Homeowners can opt for polished stainless steel railing components and fasteners for a streamlined appearance. This type of finish is popular for outdoor areas. However, it is also growing in popularity in high-end interior designs because of the luxurious impression it offers.

Superior Products

Our engineers design, create, and install top-notch floating glass staircases that emanate a feeling of elegance, richness, and refinement. Our procurement staff sources the raw material from sources that we trust. Whether it is glass, wood, or steel, we insist on high quality.


We have a long history of creating unique stairs. Our engineers have designed, manufactured, and installed hundreds of stairs, including floating wood staircases in New York, over the years. Our years of experience give us the confidence to know that we can handle your project with tenacity.


We have an extensive list of satisfied customers. Whether it's an existing or custom floating staircase design; our final delivery is always well-received by our customers. The testimonials we receive set us apart from other stair manufacturers in the industry.


We work with a "safety first" attitude, as everything else in this process is secondary. While we aim to create innovative and modern floating staircases NYC, we ensure the safety of the users. No matter the design, we ensure code-compliant designs.

Modern Floating Glass Staircases New York with LED Lights

Our floating glass staircases New York transparent nature allows light to pass through the material and throughout the house. This makes LED lighting a wonderful fit for the design. We can insert the LED lighting into the bottom layer of glass when we use a triple-laminated glass tread design. This will display the effect in each tread. Our engineers can also use fractured glass to improve the lighting and provide a dazzling, shimmering look. As an alternative, the engineers can hide the wiring and connections with an opaque stringer. It will allow the LED lights to hide inside the side of a glass staircase. Also, it enables the light to pass through the glass and illuminate the entire staircase.

By creating afloating staircase with changing lighting colors, we can also help you get the most out of your interior design. No matter what stair design we make, our engineers never compromise on quality or aesthetics. The consulting designers go to work as soon as you or your contractor give them a call. We start by creating your one-of-a-kind floating staircase according to your design specifications. At the same time, we ensure that it is structurally sound for your building project. Lastly, we guarantee that we will bring your idea to life using cutting edge, high-quality materials.