Full Stringer Staircases


Our wooden full stringer staircases can be made from a range of wood choices. It can be oak, maple, cherry, or pine, coated with stains, paints, or other finishing to achieve the desired aesthetic. The overall staircase design will depend on the available space, the intended use of the stairs, and your personal preferences. Closed stringer staircase options will also improve the visual appeal of your New York City home or place of business. The stringer is held between two other stringers and positioned structurally outside the risers and treads.

This design allows people to see the tread’s edge, which frequently has notches. The ease of usage regardless of the available area is the best characteristic of our stringer staircase design. Although they could take up more room to install, full stringers offer a strong and secure support framework for the treads. In addition, it has a simpler function and is less expensive than the majority of other staircase design options. Even better, stair stringers are open to customization, as you can tailor them to suit your tastes.


Modern Glass Staircase with Full Stringers

This all-glass stair design is a remarkable stair solution from Global Compare. We create contemporary full and closed string floating staircases for both indoor and outdoor use. Your NYC home can become an architectural masterpiece with this Modern Glass Staircase with Full Stringers. Given that glass allows light to pass through and lends a feeling of openness and space. Also, this glass full stringer staircase design offers a modern and minimalistic aesthetic.

To achieve the necessary strength, we use unique architectural glass that has been chemically treated, tempered, and laminated. We can also use a metal stringer staircase design for these stairs if that is what you prefer. Also, we can use straight or curved glass and railings for private and commercial projects. The entire hardware parts are inlaid into the glass and compressed to emphasize the slender, minimal design. Additionally, the gallery railing and all glass stringers have a maximum length of 6.5 meters (about 22 feet). All the gallery’s glass corners’ edges are mitered, which makes for a seamless transition from one panel to the next. Your New York City home can become an architectural marvel with this modern glass staircase with a full or closed stringer.

Quality Materials

Our engineers construct high-quality glass staircases with full stringers that exude an air of refinement and elegance. We source all our raw materials from reliable manufacturers. Also, we use only quality materials, whether the stairs are made of steel, wood, glass, or metal stringer designs.

Large Collection

We provide a wide range of customizable staircase alternatives so you can create the ideal closed string staircase. Using elaborate spindles, several types of wood, and different finish options, you can have a truly unique staircase.


All our stringer staircase designs adhere to our stringent internal safety and quality standards. Our in-house engineering team can walk you through our wide range of additional safety precautions. In order to produce staircases of the highest caliber, we also only use industry-compliant raw materials from reliable suppliers.


We approach our job with a "safety first" mentality in our stair-making process. Everything else is secondary. Our goal is to build cutting-edge, contemporary full stringer staircases in NYC, but we also prioritize user safety. We guarantee code-compliant designs, regardless of the design.

Stylish Steel Helical Full Stringer Staircase

We design our stylish steel helical full stringer stairs with a central column or pole and treads. The result is a staircase that wind around the column in a circular or spiral pattern. This design can be compact and take up less floor space than the traditional straight staircase. Hence, you can utilize this staircase design in settings where space is limited. Our stylish helical steps can add a visually intriguing element to a building, serving a decorative role in any environment. The treads and risers of the staircase are supported by the steel or metal stringers that run down its sides. Additionally, because we can bend steel stringers in a variety of ways, they give a visually striking architectural aspect to this design.

We often use visible, stand-off stainless steel fasteners on the fixtures. However, we can also use a second steel or metal stringer to hold the glass. Also, we can hide any fasteners, depending on what the designer or homeowner preference. Our engineers can even combine the steel stringer with a range of tread and riser materials. This can include wood, concrete, and metal, according to your preferences and the architecture of the structure. In the end, we bring your vision to life by fusing our premium materials with top-notch engineering and production.