Home Automation


With sophisticated technology integration into your home and office, Global Compare ensures the most comprehensive home automation system at the most affordable price. We have the knowledge and resources to take your lifestyle to a whole new level of luxury. From automated lighting systems to heating and air-conditioning, we will ensure you have all the control in a single device. Our home and office automation system can intelligently control the equipment to allow you a hassle-free living. Whether you want your media room controlled by remote devices or the whole house, we have the perfect solution for you. We expect to save more on energy bills and prevent unwanted accidents with our bespoke solutions.  

We have sophisticated home automation system solutions for a wide range of categories. Some of them are—

  • Remote controlled and smart home cinema
  • Intelligent lighting system
  • Automated home and office CCTV security
  • Energy-efficient heating and air-conditioning 
  • Device integration and monitoring 

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