Lighting Control


Automated lighting system for home and office that saves energy and adds convenience to lifestyle. 

We have the perfect arrangement for remote-controlled interior and exterior lighting systems. Apart from turning it on/off, you will get easy access to change the lighting pattern. For example, switch to a different lighting condition when watching TV or doing other chores. Just press the button, and it will optimise itself accordingly— allowing convenience in using. Moreover, you have the option to control everything right from a dedicated touch screen system. So, there is no need to stick around the switches to make something happen. Set the ambience and mode with just a click. 

We have the best arrangement for bespoke lighting design. With years of experience designing and installing high-tech lighting systems, customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Whether you need to optimise an existing system or want a whole new system designed, we can do it without fail.  

With the most comprehensive system integration, the control is in your hand. So, you don’t have to be there to get things set right. Also, when you are not there, rest assured they will take care of themselves.