Organic Staircases


What is the first thing that comes to mind when we mention “organic?” Ethical, raw, pure, extracted naturally, and so on. But when it comes to organic staircases, the whole definition takes a whirl– literally. Think curvature, think natural, think wilderness, think unkempt, and think anarchy. Yes, it’s all about the disorder and defying the rules that make the whole organic staircase formation.

Nature, even in its most primitive state, tends to have a flow. Everything happens spontaneously. Ironically it’s organized. That is the form that organic staircase NYC brings to the table. An organized mess. The steps will flow naturally, but like nature, they will have crookedness, edges, and uneven tread widths. Climbing these stairs won’t be easy. Contrastingly it will be a thrill, as though you are on an adventure from a survival video game.


Raw & Ready: Infinite Yet Indefinite

Organic Staircases have this element of infinity in their design. They curve in twisted lines that will play with your mind. Your eyes will follow their indefinite yet infinite pattern and wonder how the treads still line up in a stable manner. Besides the infinity, the rawness and unrefined energy of the entire organic staircase design will awaken you. Why? Because it won’t look like you are staring at an unfinished project. You will know you are watching a completely mature living creature, like an ancient tree.

Global Compare understands what it takes to effectuate organic stairs. The planning, organizing, critical thinking, and power of vision behind the creation of organic stairs is an expensive process, more so for the efforts than the cost. These staircases are only sometimes safe for homes or living spaces. You will find these masterpieces in art galleries, libraries, museums, corporate offices, and other monumental or vital parts of the city. Creating an organic staircase NYC will come at a hefty price too.

Top-Quality Products

Global Compare sources its organic stairs from the finest raw materials and refines them meticulously. We ensure the crafting methods produce a sturdy staircase, as well.

Catered to your Needs

To craft modern staircases organic way, we produce our stairs according to your wishes. The customer remains our highest priority.

Perfect Craftmanship

We materialize the stairs while following the building codes. The stairs are unified with diverse elements, all seemingly harmonizing perfectly in the end.

Environment Friendly

We collect the wood from our stairs from well-kept and organically maintained forests. We seek recycled elements for the rest of our products too.

Unique & Earthy Combinations

There are various combinations that our architects have engineered into the organic staircases. We have been increasingly productive and resourceful in picking the staircase parts and creating unique shapes. Broken glass, glass shards, stained glass, mirrors, and other reflective materials and glasses have found their way around the spiraling rails and the often floating treads. There are few limitations when it comes to organic staircases, so we don’t mind sculpting our visions to life.

We created hollowed-out organic staircases NYC that featured glassy treads with intricate glossy visuals on top. We use more metals for the organic outdoor staircase and pattern them in artistic circular motions. Bronze and other metals also come to good use when crafting organic staircases. We often leave out some finishing work and keep jagged ends at the railings. It serves the purpose of the organic staircase NYC. Speaking of purpose, the treads, when wooden, are intentionally unburnished to resemble the natural purity. Ascending these stairs won’t be easy, but you will remember the climb for the rest of your life.