ZigZag Staircases


We construct our luxurious zigzag staircases with oblique risers using a layered glue technique. The expert engineers apply this technique using strong wood on the external and interior layers, ensuring longevity and stability. Also, we use your preferred high-quality wood for the outer layer. This layout enables the construction of both straight and bending stairs, perfect for both small and big zig zag stairs. Our engineers build the oblique riser to help users to climb and descend at an angle. The oblique riser lengthens the tread, making it easier to climb each step.

The flexibility of this design allows the homeowner and architect to choose any type of wood for the stair construction. Additionally, any type of stair finishing process, including varnishing, oiling, brushing, staining, or patination, is available. Depending on your choice, we use a variety of materials for the balustrades, including glass, wood, and metal design. More importantly, our engineers create the zigzag, self-supporting stairs based on an approved sample. We customize each staircase for the customer, starting with the initial phases of wood processing. The luxurious zigzag staircases with oblique risers will perfectly match classic arrangements as well as modern interior designs.


Modern Zigzag Staircases with Integrated LED Lighting

Many upscale residential and commercial properties in NYC use the modern zigzag staircase with integrated LED lighting. While we aim for an upbeat design, our engineers comply with every stair building rule in the book. Hence, we design these zigzag staircases with an open riser and a closed riser. We emphasize our artisan-built features while also offering the ideal level of safety when the stairs are dimly lit. Each customer has the flexibility to customize and arrange a staircase to meet their space thanks to the zigzag stair structure. Consider choosing this integrated LED in your staircase design if you’re looking for the ideal union of safety and aesthetics.

We offer stairwell lighting for any project, adding visual elegance and guaranteeing a safer egress for everyone using the stairs. The architectural characteristics of the staircase can be better appreciated with carefully planned LED lighting to set the mood within. We can also help you make the most of your interior design by designing a staircase with adjustable lighting (and color). Our engineers don’t skimp on style or quality; no matter what zig zag staircase design we aim for. The consulting designers start working with you and our internal engineers as soon as you give them a call. We begin designing and manufacturing a zig zag staircase that satisfies your design requirements and is structurally sound for your project. In the end, we combine our premium materials with world-class engineering and manufacturing to bring your idea to reality.


Our consultative design experience puts your needs at the center of your project. Work with our helpful stair experts to design your ideal staircase the first time around, with no need for redos. You can all our design expert to discuss your needs and learn about our new and existing designs.

Large Collection

We provide a broad variety of customizable product options to enable you to design the perfect zig zag open staircase. You can create a unique staircase using ornate spindles, several wood species, and finish options.

Product Quality

We apply strict internal safety and quality requirements to all zig zag staircase designs. Our in-house engineering staff can take you through our extensive selection of extra safety measures. Also, we source our raw materials from trusted sources to ensure high-quality staircases.

Eco Friendly

Sustainable design entails both lessening your influence on the environment and giving back to it. We use natural materials for our zigzag stairs, such as different types of wood, glass, resins, and even stones. Also, we are committed to using recyclable and recycled materials to ensure sustainability.

Steel Zig Zag Staircases with Concealed Steel Stringer

The engineering that goes into building this zigzag staircase is fascinating. The outcome is quite stunning and provides an exceptionally strong, self-supporting staircase. Instead of employing a steel structural frame, we can alternatively create zigzag staircases using steel stringers. Our designers can create the zig zag stairs in NYC with the design you desire if the wall next to the staircase is self-supporting. For example, if the wall is solid bricks or concrete. With such load-bearing support in place, there are no significant structural concerns.

We create a steel cantilever supporting element (stringer) and integrate it into the supporting wall. This serves as the primary support for treads and railings. The effect produces treads coming directly out of the wall as if they were floating into the air. What you see is a steel stringer with zigzag patterns that supports the railing and the treads on the side. We provide the railing in a variety of designs, styles, and materials to allow for customization. The most common style is a glass railing with glass panels attached to the side of the treads. The fixtures often use visible stand-off stainless steel fasteners. Utilizing a second steel stringer to support glass and conceal any fasteners is also a common alternative. This method gives the entire zig zag stair construction a smooth, tidy, and attractive appearance.