A Better Class Of Staircases

A good stair is a smooth transition between two or more floors. It elevates the aesthetic appeal of the whole property. Bespoke modern staircase London is high in demand. At Global Compare, we focus on your needs and ensure perfect and on-time delivery. Sourced from the best manufacturers in the UK, we ensure your staircases are robust in structure, elegant in appearance, and comfortable to use.

What can you choose from?

Glass, metal or woodwork, we have a wide array of material variety you can choose from. You can pick a classic baluster style or more modern bannisters made of stainless steel or wrought iron. There are natural stone, metal or concrete slabs for the steps as well. All you need to do is pick your type. Then we can go on designing with a complementary combination of materials and colour theme according to your interior.

Types of Staircase Design

We offer a wide range of modern staircases including Circular Staircase, Centre Spine Staircase, Full Stringer Staircases, Zigzag Staircases, Floating Staircase, Spiral Staircase and Organic Staircases as well. Browse through our modern staircase product category and select what makes you feel unique.

How do we stand out from our competitors?

Starting from £6,999

Choose from a wide variety of fashionable modern staircase London at a most affordable price offered in the market right now. We assure you, a premium quality is what you can expect delivered right on time. Need a quote?

Why buy a staircase from us?

We are a trusted modern staircase London brand in the market right now. We are known to make and deliver the first-rate bespoke staircase London for over a decade now. Whether you want to renovate your staircases or need a new one, we can provide the best bespoke staircase London service there is at an affordable price.

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